See our updates below!

Mural Update

In 2020 it was noticed that the mural established in 2015 was in need of repair. A committee was formed and much of the mural redone. To ensure the Mural remains in good shape and increases community interest, the mural will be redone on a periodic basis to maintain its beauty as part of enjoying the trail

VGV Receives Award

Founder and Lead Person of the Vernon Greenways Volunteers Don Bellingham was given the Connecticut Volunteer of the Year Award for 2020 by the Connecticut Recreation and Parks Service for his 15 years of service in that capacity.

Leveling The Trail

In 2020 most of the Hop River Trail from Phoenix Street to the one mile marker toward Bolton was leveled to make runoff happen properly and trail usage safer.

Looking For Tree Damage

In September 2019 we held an event to examine trees adjacent to the trail to see if they had received any damage from invasive insects (Asian Longhorned Beetles or Spotted Lantern Flys).  We last did this is 2016.  The process was led by 4 experts who acted as Team Leaders.  No damage was found.

New ATV and Shed

In October 2019 we became the proud parents of a Polaris Ranger 4 XY ATV. It will be housed in a shed at the Birch Street Fire Station and we are designated as the primary users.

Bike Repair Station

Gary Leavitt introduced the idea of installing a bike repair station. The idea was researched and Parks and Rec purchased and installed the unit.

Hop River Ride Rolling Museum

In 2017 the Bolton bike group initiated an historical bike tour of their Rail Trail (Hop River Ride Rolling Museum). In 2018 they asked us to join them with the tour starting in Vernon at noon and continuing on the Bolton leg at 2 PM. Kickoff was from Pedal Power on Route 30.

For Vernon Don Bellingham did a presentation at the mural and a second presenter was at the Vernon Depot at Church Street. A detailed description was posted on a large sign over Tunnel Road and various overlook places were noted, as well.

Vernon Greenways Volunteers In Action

This is the Volunteers working in action, spreading and tamping stone dust material to repair trail damage and improve water runoff to ensure the trails are always of the highest quality.