Vernon Greenways Trail Sponsors

Businesses and individuals who donate $200 annually in either tax deductible cash or in-kind materials.

What do Trail Sponsors get for their donation?

In addition to the tax deductible status of the donation the Sponsor selects a section from a list of unclaimed trail segments (most segments are from 0.8 to 1.4 miles) and a sign is erected on that segment that recognizes the donor for their participation.

Where are the Trail Segments and how many Sponsors do you have?

Currently, there are 15 Sponsorships covering, approximately, 20 miles of trails.   The Sponsorships are located on: Rails to Trails, Hockanum River Linear Park , Valley Falls (Main Road Trail, Railroad Brook Trail, Valley Falls Loop Trail, Braille Trail, only), Vernon Center Middle School and Walker ’s Reservoir.  In the interest of keeping signage to a minimum we don’t anticipate expanding that number at this time.  Please contact us via e-mail at [email protected] if you have questions about or would like to be placed on a list to be notified when a Trail Sponsorship becomes available.

  Vernon Greenways Project Sponsors

We do projects, some of which need funding. Your annual tax deductible donation, not to exceed $150, will offset the cost of a specific project or defray part of the cost of a campaign.  You will be given underwriter recognition on that project or at the kick-off ceremonies for the campaign.  We did a “Pick Up after your Pet (PUP) Project” campaign in the spring of 2007 to educate trail users as to why they should pick up after their pets on the trails.  Project Sponsors were and continue to be recognized by sponsor signs on pet stations purchased with their donations. Please contact us via e-mail at [email protected] if you have questions about or would like to become a Project Sponsor.

General Donations

Tax deductible general donations, one time or ongoing, may be made in any amount. Please contact us at [email protected] for specifics or with any questions.

  How will the donations be used?

Those donations not assigned to a specific project or event are used for all aspects of the program including but not limited to administration and volunteer rewards, as well as the costs associated with the actual trail work.  We are all volunteers; there is no paid staff.

  Aren’t you cluttering the landscape with the Sponsor Signs?

Great care was taken in placement of the signs so as not to detract from the natural setting.  With only two unavoidable exceptions all signs were placed at major trail entrances that offer formal parking or where the trail crossed a major public thoroughfare.

  Why should I be a Sponsor?      

  • We are primarily a support organization for the Town of Vernon.  To the extent we can fund our own projects we lessen the financial drain on this very under funded element of Vernon town government.
  • This is an avenue for those who because of physical limitations or time constraints can not take part as a volunteer.
  • I use the trail system and I should support the efforts of those who are willing to supply the time and effort to maintain it.

Sponsor Length and Timing

All sponsorships are annual. Renewal date is based on the initial date of participation.   Renewal notices are sent out prior to the anniversary.  A letter recognizing the donation is sent after our receipt of the tax deductible donation.

 Our Trail Sponsors

  • Platt Systems
  • Minuteman Press of Vernon
  • The Gorecki Family
  • Attorney Amy Blaymore Paterson
  • The Litwinka Family In Memory of: Michael Peter Litwinka, IV
  • The Sign Connection
  • Rob & Carol Grasis
  • Leighton, Katz and Drapeau
  • Vernon Garden Club
  • Mansions at Hockanum Crossing
  • Joe and Gini King
  • The Garden Barn
  • Ellen L. Marmer, M. D.
  • LaSala Family
  • Tankerhoosen.info

Our Project Sponsors

  • Therma-Scan, Inc.
  • The James Family
  • Gottier Fuel Co., Inc.
  • Don & Carolyn Bellingham