Who are we and what do we do?

We are individuals who have chosen to give back to the community and make their own experience more satisfying by participating in the maintenance, enhancement and proper use of the trail system.

  • Maintenance – We assist the Town of Vernon’s staff on trail projects. We execute our own trail projects. We keep trails clear of trash and debris.   An assigned Trail Manager takes ownership of a trail segment.  We have periodic clean-up sessions.  To see updates from the organization, click here.
  • Enhancements – We provide 12,000 free biodegradable dog litter bags annually at pet stations, a receptacle for deposit of the full bags and we service both at selected high dog traffic locations.   We provide 8,000 free tri-fold trail specific maps annually at selected locations.  A “Pick Up after your Pets (PUP) Project” was executed in the spring of 2007 to educate pet owners as to why they should pick up after their pets on the trail.  In May 2009 the Vernon Parks and Recreation Department introduced a No Smoking Policy in parks, trails and ball fields to reduce the cigarette butt litter per our request.
  • Proper Use – All volunteers must participate in sound trail practices: follow posted restrictions, comply with town ordinances, “carry out what you carry in”, periodically pick up trash while using the trail, etc.  To see the rules of the trail, click here.